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Pedigree® Feeding Brighter Futures

At Pedigree®, we believe that every dog deserves a loving home and the best nutrition.

This truly comes to life through our commitment to supporting UK dog rescue centres and charities through Pedigree® Feeding Brighter Futures.

The Feeding Brighter Futures scheme was set up in 2012 and supports over 100 rescue centres in the UK with:

  • 100% Complete Dry and Wet Food
  • Dental Care products
  • Training treats
  • Nutritional training
  • £100,000 in grants every year

We know that the provision of good nutrition is one of the biggest costs for animal charities so every year Pedigree® provides nearly 1 million meals to lighten this burden on charities. Of course, it also means that the dogs who need it the most, receive quality nutrition to help them recover and find a loving new home.

In addition to the food and treats we provide, every year Pedigree® donates £100,000 to support worthy projects aimed at enriching the lives of dogs in rescue homes.

All the work we do with charities is in partnership and under the guidance of the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH), of which we are proud and committed supporters.

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